Referate & Workshops beim Austria Distribution Day 2018

Julian Jost

Disruptor, CEO & Founder SPACEBASE.COM

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Julian Jost – Disruptor, CEO and founder of Spacebase

Julian Jost’s career path was clearly plotted when he started his studies, and he’s followed it ever since. As a business and management graduate, his professional life began as a strategy consultant with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. He was particularly successful in the areas of business development and project management. However, his experiences showed him how inefficient and uncreative the collaboration and meeting culture in companies could be.

He began to organize multiple creative workshops for clients in exciting environments and discovered the potential that lies in the optimization of business events. As a born entrepreneur, he quickly decided to follow his ideas. After finishing his MBA at Oxford University, he left the consultancy and started Spacebase the booking platform for outstanding meeting- and event-locations worldwide. Together with business partner Jan Hoffmann-Keining and the well-known industry expert Stephan Ekbergh, he is changing the way we meet.

His vision is to facilitate the right location and the right surroundings to create more flexible, more efficient, and more creative meetings, workshops, and events.

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